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Unclassified vintage Watches

Rolex 6240

This watch is to be regarded as an experimental model, a prototype to test new chronograph buttons with screw tightening.

The screw buttons are considered a kind of prototype, never appeared on spare parts catalogs Rolex. They have a characteristic grainy, later defined by collectors "striped". Their housing in the caseband is less pronounced compared to the models with pump keys and is easily visible looking at the back of the watch.

Anche la corona di carica Twinlock è differente da quella da quella utilizzata in precedenza, passando da 6 a 7mm di diametro. Questo orologio fu poco fortunato: nei quattro anni di vita raccolse frequenti giudizi negativi riguardo alle dimensioni della cassa e all’ingombro dei pulsanti cronografici a vite…giudicati colpevoli di rovinare i polsini delle camicie!

The definitive introduction of the screw provides buttons to Rolex a great advantage over its competitors. This function allows to immerse the clock even if the chronograph functions are disabled due to the location of the screwed pushers. This attracts buyers who flock to buy the Rolex chronographs in the world, thus ensuring the success of this model.

At first productions mounted a movement Valjoux 72B or 722, while on some models of the latest productions introduces the caliber 722/1, as always choosing the best the market could offer.
For many years now that the clocks have had major revaluations, for some time the people, seeing the results of the auctions and the market trend, they understood that the watches are also a form of investment.
All this makes it more and more these valuables and difficult to be found.
We enclose the clock and, as is our usual photos, we illustrate with a graph the trend of the value in the various years, bringing the cost of the object had at the origin and the price that corresponds to today, also points must be noted over the years he has re-evaluated.

The watch in question, for a standard model, had a cost of 120,000 lire in 1965, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1238.75.
So far it has reached a value of € 60,000, about 50 times higher than the original figure.

This shows the great appreciation and then big investment that this watch made.

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patek philippe 5170j

We speak today of the Patek Philippe 5170J.
As reported in our previous article on the clock manufacturer mentioned above, it all begins in 1938.
For many years, Patek Philippe is synonymous with high reliability. Products, also of extreme complication, built to the highest precision standards and a proper marketing study, so as not to inflate the collateral market value of the property, giving the opportunity to the owners to use and pass on really special items.

The Patek Philippe 5170 J recalls the style a bit 'retro chronographs 40s / 50s. It has a box of 39 mm yellow gold and alligator strap with square scale, hand-sewn, chocolate brown.
The dial silver opalescent are two counters, markers and gold applied Roman numerals and chrono seconds hand at the center.
The watch has a mechanical movement with manual winding with a column wheel, exposed through the sapphire crystal, and is waterproof up to 3 atmospheres.
All this makes the watch not only extremely reliable, according to the canons that characterize the parent, but also a simple timepiece, essential and extremely elegant.

What the world of watches is showing us is now clear, and in auctions we have seen the significant value that these objects were made.
This is giving visibility and giving these timepieces can be more and more known and appreciated for what they are worth.
As is our usual, we attach the clock photo.

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6241 steel Rolex "Cherry Logo"

Produced from 1965 to 1969 or so, the 6241 steel Rolex "Cherry Logo" presents the black graduated bezel and the pushers.
As previously explained in articles about Rolex vintage with manual winding movement, this watch is equipped by machinery "Valjoux", the best that the parent company could be found at that time.

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In 1965 it appears for the first time the words "Daytona" on the dial, set to become an icon of watchmaking world. Just this year, the start of production of the Rolex 6241, on very few dials you notice the Daytona written in red: this special, extremely rare, hence the name "Cherry" attributed to the clock.

collecting environment, we know that the start and end watches production have a higher value.
In this case, in addition to being an exemplary start production of the Rolex 6241, with a case with serial 1.5 million, we also have an extreme rarity dial, on which stands the inscription red Daytona.

As described previously, today's watches are one of the best investments that the market can offer. For us fans Add to that the pleasure to study them, snatching everything that passed there, a rich past history of time.

We attach photos and the clock, as is our usual, we illustrate with a graph the value of the trends in the various years, bringing the cost of the object had at the origin and the price that corresponds to today; also points must be noted over the years has appreciated.
A standard clock model in question had a cost of 120,000 lire in 1965, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1241.15. So far it has reached a value of € 80,000 / 120,000, a figure higher than about 96 times the initial price in Euro initials.
This shows the great appreciation and thus the largest investment made by this watch.

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Rolex 5512 cornino

We are talking about the Rolex 5512, a model that best represents the pentastellato brand.

From the beginning, Rolex has invested a lot on water resistance of its watches, ensuring products buyers extremely reliable.
The model we are dealing with is pretty rare, as demonstrated by the fact that it was built between 1960 and 1963, the period when the Rolex production was between 100,000 and 150,000 units per year.

The new model replaces the previous ref. waterproof up to 200m / 660ft, and has revamped than their predecessors.
Are introduced for example at the shoulders of the winding crown protection, which is already per se unpublished: no longer the Brevet 8mm, but the new Twinlock from 7 mm diameter.

The movement that animates this reference is the caliber, 1530, the case measures about 41 mm, and the ring is a new concept, with a knurling more pronounced than in the past and a graduated insert to the first 15 minutes.
Let us note, finally, the absence of the word "clock" on the dial and the curved glass, called bombs or "dome". The latter, being concave resisted better to the other pressures which a Submariner was subjected to water-resistance test.

Speaking of the dial, we can say that is here represented the most beautiful and rare pentastellato the brand is able to offer. A graphic gilt (gold) and a closed parts (line connecting all indices of minutes), complete this wonderful timepiece.

We attach photos and the clock, as is our usual, we illustrate with a graph the value of the trends in the various years, bringing the cost of the object had at the origin and the current price, and noting how over the years It has appreciated.
A standard clock model in question, at a cost of 100,000 lire in the years of production, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1330.00 to date has reached a value of € 40,000.00, a figure about 30 times higher compared to the initial one.

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Rolex 6234

We speak today of Rolex 6234: we are in the 50s, a time when prevailing forms united by harmonious rounded; the modest measures of the case and the dials by colorful graphics make this extremely beautiful and functional watch.
The mechanical properties, always in line with the standards of excellence for years Rolex guarantees, trust the now-known Valjoux.
Despite the chronograph buttons are to pump, screw lacking which prevents the drive is not wanted, is guaranteed impermeability of the watch, extremely important aspect on which the pentastellato brand has invested heavily.

The Rolex 6234, progenitor of the now famous Daytona, it basically shows the same technical characteristics, albeit dressed in an outfit suited to the production period. Today it is much more than just a functional object, and represents for the owner a great investment.

Shedding light on this subject, such as bringing the rod on the specimen "Paul Newman" belonged eponymous actor.
This watch brings a nice anecdote about the owner and the then boyfriend of his daughter: when the actor asked the boy what time it was, they said, did not have a watch; Paul Newman, then gave him his Rolex telling him "if you load it every day will give you the exact time."
Past time, given the important value reached by the clock, the new owner and his ex-girlfriend, daughter, decided to auction Philips.

From here on it is now known story, and the whole world knows what this watch is made: started with a starting price of a million dollars, and after an initial raise to ten million dollars, it was clear what would were important figures that the watch was able to achieve.
After less than twenty minutes The Paul Newman was sold for 17,752,500 dollars, a figure never reached before by a wristwatch, giving worldwide exposure to the reality of watchmaking.

We enclose the clock and, as is our usual photos, we illustrate with a graph the value of the trends in the various years, bringing the cost that the object was originally and what corresponds to today; also points must be noted over the years has appreciated.

A standard clock model in question, with a cost of around 100,000 pounds in 1950, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1876.07 to date has reached a value of € 28,000, a figure about 15 times higher than the starting .
This shows the great appreciation that affected the object, and then the big investment that this watch made.

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Rolex 16528 Floating

As previously described in the inherent Rolex 16520 Floating, We're talking about 300 porcelain (another name often used) products.

We draw some news from the previous article, to remind you how much work has been used for this watch.
The house mother chose as a gauge (mechanism) to use the "Zenith 400 El Primero", with 36000 alternations and a frequency of 5 Hz, using a special-based disulphide dry lubricant Molybdenum applied by a vaporization process, which required specific equipment and a maintenance every two years. The basic caliber Zenith El Primero was then processed deeply, so much so that necessitarono 200 changes so that it could be compared to the quality standards of the brand.

The first, necessary, interventions were carried out to reduce the number of alternations (from 36000 to 28000) and decrease the frequency from 5 to 4 HZ. They mounted on the movement a larger rocker that oscillated at a lower frequency, common to all Rolex calibers of the moment, so as to simplify and improve the reliability of such movement.
The rocker Rolex has four races in glucydur with Breguet spiral and a Microstella regulation system. Lubricants used for 4030 were those traditional media, those changes allow Rolex to recommend a review every four years, once almost twice the original size.

The 4030 Daytona movements mounted on the first serial ref.16520 series R / 3/8 had an numbering between 10000 and 20000 (numbering random which also takes account of the next serial L). The first nuts (to perform speed measurements) were 200.
Uno dei progettisti di questo orologio, recandosi spesso a Parigi con un treno ad alta velocità, passava il tempo divertendosi a misurare la velocità con il suo Daytona 16520 (uno dei prototipi che, in quanto tale, non aveva il seriale e montava quadranti di prova). Il treno viaggiava a molto di più di 200km/h, quindi si rese conto che per il mondo moderno un misuratore con scala a 200 era insufficiente e propose di ridisegnare la scala con un limite più alto (400 uph. La prima venne realizzata con intermedio a 225).

& Nbsp;

Un’altra interessante caratteristica è il quadrante Floating, si pensa prodotto in cento esemplari per ogni versione (oro, acciaio e oro, e acciaio; questa ultima più rara rispetto alle tipologie oro e acciaio e oro uguali come quadranti). Questo procedimento di lavorazione era assai lungo e complesso, con esposizione a forni ad alte temperature e poi l’applicazione delle scritte. A seconda del livello di essiccazione del quadrante nel momento in cui sono state poste le scritte ha creato i vari livelli di floating (porcellanati 1/2/3 livello).

It's always too little one on which we can shed some light. What to add: Today this watch is called the Paul Newman of automatic, and you think of Paul Newman with screw keys and manually wound, they were produced around 300, with values ​​ranging from a low of about 300,000 Euros to a maximum approximately 500,000 euro for normal versions, while other extremely rare, for different characteristics, also values ​​above 1,000,000 Euros.
As already mentioned, automatic porcelain were produced approximately 100 stainless steel, 100 stainless steel and gold and gold-100. To date, the market valuations are extremely lower than those of manual winding ancestors, the rest is up to your feedback.

We attach photos and the clock, as is our usual, we illustrate with a graph the trend of the value in the various years, bringing the cost of the object had at the origin and the price corresponding to the present, also points must be noted in the years has appreciated.
The watch in question, for a standard model, had a cost of about 20 million lire in 1989, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 20,643.82. So far it has reached a value of € 50,000, more than double the initial amount.

This shows the great appreciation and then the big investment that this watch made.

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Rolex 6239 S/S

Rolex 6239 Soleil Dial, incorporating Jumbo Logo and chocolate subsidiary registers.

We spoke previously of the Rolex 6239, but still a lot to be said about this wonderful object, like many vintage watches, has undergone many changes over time, giving us continuous innovations that make each piece unique work of art.

The watch in question, published in the book Of Pucci Papaleo "ULTIMATE ROLEX DAYTONA", owes its rarity to brown counters, one of the best known colors, and counters for the chronograph time in exceptional condition, characterized by a cut perpendicular to the quadrant (a pan counters), and larger in size (big eyes).

As for the investment strength in watches, the world is now aware. It would be hard to say more, if it were not for our passion to make us continue to talk about something unique.
There is never a fair price for these objects, these works of art, the value that is attributed is something that almost offends, and let the owner to decide its future.
We could see how these watches have made in the last auction: a 6263 Gold Paul Newman has produced more than 3 million, and soon there will be the 6239 Rolex clock auction with exotic dial the same actor, called "Paul Newman "in honor of its owner. Half of the proceeds, estimated 5 to 10 million dollars, will go to charity.

Today watches are one of the best investments that the market can offer. At this, for us fans, it adds the ability to study them by taking advantage of all that you are able to pass on a rich history that continues over time.

We enclose the clock photo illustrating, as always, the trend of the value in the various years with the support of a graph. Here is the cost that the object was originally and its counterpart today, it notes what has appreciated over the years.
This particular watch, considering a standard model, had a cost of 123,921 lire in 1967 (corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1216.41). So far it has reached a value of € 20,000, about 16 times the initial figure.

This shows the great appreciation obtained by this watch, and then the great investment that has been able to secure.

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Rolex Sea-Dweller

The prototype of the Sea-Dweller, "Dweller of the sea", the Rolex was never put on the market, but handed over to the dive company or individual divers in late '67 and early '68 because they were tested. Next, it was produced and put on sale in different variations.

The era advertising booklet wrote:
"The underwater exploration has grown dramatically in recent years.
Per raggiungere delle profondità sempre maggiori e per poter lavorare rimanendo in acqua, l’uomo ha costruito delle campane, dei cassoni, persino delle casse. In questi abitacoli, gli specialisti vivono in un’atmosfera artificiale, costituita da certe miscele di gas, generalmente con una forte percentuale di elio. Le molecole particolarmente sottili e leggere di queste miscele si infiltrano lentamente nell’orologio, senza pertanto alterarne il funzionamento. Inversamente, al momento della decompressione dovuta alla risalita, la miscela di gas deve poter fuoriuscire rapidamente per non provocare l’esplosione dell’orologio. Per questo motivo, la Rolex ha munito di una valvola brevettata “gas escape valve” (valvola di sfogo) il suo modello più recente Oyster: il cronometro Sea-Dweller, garantito impermeabile fino a 610 metri di profondità”.

The pentastellato brand has always invested a lot on water clock, reaching its peak, in fact, the Sea-Dweller.
By careful research and continuous innovation that distinguish the house, a Rolex watch has long been recognized not only as a reliable object, but as a real investment, which boasts revaluations also quite important over time.

Oyster This in particular is still produced with the technical characteristics today's technologies. The new model Sea-Dweller, with red writing, which is so required to purchase it you have to be willing to pay even more than the list price.
Further confirmation of the Rolex guarantee that, thanks to his work, continues to represent.

We attach photos and the clock, as is our usual, we illustrate with a graph the value of the trends in the various years, bringing the cost of the object had the origin and today's consideration, so as to emphasize how over the years It has appreciated.
A standard clock model in question, at a cost of about 267,000 lire in 1974, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1654.62 to date has reached a value of € 20,000, higher figure of about 12 times the cost initial. It is clear the enormous revaluation of the object, and thus the huge investment it represents.

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3.7 million for the Rolex "Paul Newman" 6263

It sold for 3.7 Million Rolex "Paul Newman" 6263, the most expensive in history Daytona

A weekend in a sign of the records. Because of this talk about the figures achieved in the auction held by Phillips Saturday, May 13 at that Geneva.
Just yesterday we told you about the 'jewel in the crown' of the lot, "Bao Dai" ref. 6062, Rolex became the most expensive in the world.
But the other main player was the Daytona 'Paul Newman' yellow gold.
Estimated between $ 815,000 - $ 1.6 million, it was sold for $ 3,717,906,000 winning the Daytona distinction of being the most expensive ever.

Known as "The Legend" this Daytona Reference 6263, it is one of only three specimens in the world.
Its very rare lemon-colored dial grained with graphics fabled 'panda' with contrasting counters, making it a truly unique piece.

Just observe it to understand how this watch is able to keep your head to most of the fans. The auction to win it was indeed hard fought. Those who attended the auction, reported a grueling battle with rising between two collectors. The last bidder taken by anxiety was about to get up and leave the room when fortunately he came back just in time to hear the hammer blow that confirmed his victory on the other contender.

Excellent result for the auction house Phillips in a single weekend managed to sell two legends of the house and Rolex, in a year, beat the three watches of the house crowned the most expensive in the world.

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Rolex 6239 “ROLE X”

& Nbsp;

& Nbsp;

The 6239 Rolex is the first watch to bear the name of a track car, "DAYTONA".
We are in the 60s, when the Omega house manages to get the better of Rolex timepieces for providing spatial enterprise service. The pentastellato trademark look, at this time, a name in the automobile to be associated with your watch.

La scelta inizialmente s’indirizza verso l’autodromo di Le Mans in Francia, ma purtroppo non si riesce a trovare un accordo, a causa dell’estremo costo richiesto. Dunque la casa madre prova a contattare l’autodromo americano di Le Mans. Il primo 6239 riporta sul quadrante la dicitura “Rolex Cosmograph” e sugli opuscoli pubblicitari leggiamo “This is the new Rolex Chronograph. It’s called Le Mans”. Purtroppo anche questo autodromo viene scartato da Rolex in quanto non ritenuto all’altezza. Infine si trova finalmente l’accordo con Daytona: sarà questo splendido autodromo a dare il nome ai prossimi cronografi Rolex.

In previous articles we have extensively talked about this wonderful watch, noting the exceptional characteristics and the large investment it represents. Now we are here to show you how much more you can find rare: the ROLE X.
As you can see by the writing, the clock in question has a graphic with the "X" braking, which we find in the Rolex chronographs pulsometrici and Rolex chronographs albinos. They are two very rare watches and immensely valuable. Our clock, thanks to this particular written to date is the only known specimen in the world.

& Nbsp;

& Nbsp;

We have previously highlighted the factors that make a great investment clock: brand, model and rarity. By 6239 we gather everything, making it possible for its owner to enjoy the advantages given the huge investment that this watch is.

We attach photos and the clock, as is our usual, we illustrate with a graph the trend of the value in the various years, bringing the cost of the object had the origin and today's consideration, and by pointing out what in the years it has appreciated.
A standard clock model in question had a cost of about 123,921 lire in 1966, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1255.38. So far it has reached a value of € 20,000, higher figure of about 16 times than the beginning: a re-evaluation which shows the great investment that has made this watch.

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Rolex 6241 oro Paul Newman

The 6241 gold Rolex Paul Newman is one of the most sought after collectible specimens in the world. The watch has taken the name of the actor who wore it, and with its beautiful exotic dial has become one of the best ever investment.

The mechanism, as already pointed out in other articles, was always subject to review by the pentastellato brand, always looking for the best the market can offer study.
This Valjoux caliber is among the best in those years were available, while the watch case, proofed by the great work of the parent company, has allowed us to assure excellent preservation components over time.
It is precisely the latter the most desired feature by collectors, much more attracted by these objects as much as their conditions are perfect, and therefore their extreme value.

As you know, the market price is determined by many factors: reliability of the brand, number of watches produced, aesthetic component. The more you combine these factors, the greater the rarity and value of the object.
The 6241 Rolex Paul Newman packs all these features, boasting the name of the most solid parent in the world, has a circulation of gold watches in extremely small compared to steel, and an extreme beauty and legibility dial, an artist painting huge rarity.

As for the association with Paul Newman, the story goes that one day these churches the time the boy to one of his daughters. He replied that he had the clock, so the actor gave him his steel Rolex chronograph with exotic dial.
The object was put aside, but over the years had major revaluations. Later, realizing the extreme value of his "Paul Newman", the boy called the former girlfriend and gave back the clock. Later it was contacted by an important collector. Aurel Bacs, aware of the fact, went to inspect the object, and it was decided to put it up for auction in New York in the fall, giving half of the proceeds to charity.
The clock will achieve 5 to 10 million dollars, and you think that this event will enhance all Paul Newman and the other watches.

Now it's up to you to evaluate our 6241 Rolex gold specimen with exotic dial (Paul Newman), one of the finest watches available.
We attach photos and, as is our usual, we illustrate with a graph the trend of the value in the various years, bringing the cost of the object had at the origin and the price corresponding to the present day, and noting what the years has appreciated.
In this case a standard model had a cost of 300,000 lire in 1969/70, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 2723.24. So far it has reached a value of € 300,000, about 110 times more than the initial cost. This shows the great appreciation, and then the big investment that this watch is.

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Rolex Submariner 5510

As is well known, the reliability and quality of Rolex has meant that, over the years, the pentastellato mark has been chosen by many famous people, whose names were associated with the worn products, giving these watches additional value in terms exclusivity.

We present today the Submariner Coroncione 5510.
"Coroncione" is synonymous with James Bond. The actor Sean Connery, the agent 007 shoes, he just wore this model in "License To Kill." Ian Fleming, creator of the famous British spy, had in turn a Rolex watch and it is likely to believe that this will have influenced the choice of the timepiece for his mythical character.

It is thought that the watch in question was a Rolex 6538, this one called "coroncione" and then with the same distinctive feature of our Rolex 5510: the large size of the winding crown and the refurbishment now.
In our case, however, differences as the mechanism caliber 1530 (1030 in the case of the 6538 model) and the fact that the watch was produced for only one year (1959 to be exact), making it the rarest ever coroncione realized.

We enclose the clock pictures and a graph with the evolution of the value in the various years, bringing back the original cost, highlighting today's consideration and significant revaluation.

The standard clock model in question, from a cost of about 100,000 lire of 1959, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1,363.62, reached today a value of € 100,000, higher figure of about 73 times the the initial one. This shows the great appreciation and then the big investment that this watch made.

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Rolex 6263

The 6263 Rolex, already difficult to find in the steel variant is extremely rare in its gold version.
In the latter case the mechanism, which in both configurations using a Valjoux caliber, reports a number as a guarantee of reliability, certification in steel model was affixed only in recent years.

The pentastellato brand, has always projected towards a continuous search to offer the best to all those who choose to purchase a Rolex, is notoriously symbol of security and investment stability. I remember, many years ago (intone to 1985), I bought a Rolex 6263 steel for a 1,780,000 lire value.

Then the store suggested I buy a Rolex 6265 in gold, with leather strap, at 6,700,000 lire price. At first I was tempted to buy it, but later I became convinced otherwise.

In a short time the clock in question came to the value of ITL 30,000,000, and I could not help but be observing this remarkable appreciation.

We enclose the photo of Rolex 6263 and, as is our usual, graphically we represent the value trends over time, showing the object's original cost in relation to its current amount, and illustrating its appreciation over the years.

& Nbsp;

& Nbsp;

In 1985 the clock in question (standard model) had a cost of about 6,700,000 lire, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 8581.10.

So far it has reached a value of € 80,000, an increase of 823.28% from the original price. Everything demonstrating its major re-evaluation, and then made the largest investment.

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Rolex 16528

In this article we will describe one of the last Daytona Gold product before using a mechanism made entirely by the parent.

For many years Rolex is a company at the top in the watch industry, and its products give great satisfaction to each user: someone buys it for love, some for investment ... some for both reasons.

It all started in 1908, when Hans Wilsdorf wanted his timepiece wore a short name, easy to remember and to pronounce in all languages, and that it could be harmonized with the dials and movements.

Regarding the choice of the name, he recounted:

“Ho provato a combinare tutte le lettere dell’alfabeto, in ogni modo possibile. Avevo così a disposizione qualche centinaio di nomi, ma nessuno mi piaceva. Fino a quando una mattina, mentre viaggiavo sul piano superiore di un omnibus trainato da cavalli, lungo la via Cheapside nella City di Londra, uno spiritello mi ha sussurrato all’orecchio: Rolex”.

La casa madre a sempre cercato di offrire il massimo della qualità, utilizzando quanto di meglio il mercato potesse offrire. Parliamo, ad esempio, del 16520, il primo cronografo automatico. La maison sceglie come calibro (meccanismo) lo “Zenith 400 El Primero”, con 36000 alternanze ed una frequenza di 5 HZ, e utilizza uno speciale lubrificante a secco a base di Bisolfuro di Molibdeno applicato mediante un procedimento di vaporizzazione, che richiedeva attrezzature specifiche ed una manutenzione circa ogni due anni. Decide quindi di elaborare profondamente il calibro base Zenith El Primero, apportando ben 200 modifiche affinché potesse essere all’altezza dei propri standard qualitativi.

I primi necessari interventi vennero eseguiti per ridurre il numero di alternanze (da 36000 a 28000) e diminuire la frequenza da 5 a 4 HZ. Montarono sul movimento un bilanciere più grande che oscillava ad una frequenza più bassa, comune a tutti i calibri Rolex di quel periodo, semplificando e migliorandone così l’affidabilità.

Il bilanciere Rolex ha quattro razze in glucydur con spirale Breguet e sistema di regolazione a microstella. I lubrificanti usati per il calibro 4030 erano quelli fluidi tradizionali, tali modifiche consentano a Rolex di consigliare una revisione ogni 4 anni, tempo quasi doppio rispetto al calibro d’origine. Qual è la conseguenza? La fornitura di meccanismi Zenith per la Rolex, in relazione con la maggiore richiesta di Daytona Zenith, rende questo orologio un oggetto raro e, come già detto per molti prodotti della casa, una vera opera d’arte di grande valore.

& Nbsp;

Unique for its special and extremely rare for the request, quickly makes splash in the market value much higher figures of the original value. Are now many years that all this makes it a guarantee of stability, a beautiful object and one of the best investments that the market can offer.

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Richard Mille

Founded in 1999 by the man the francese Richard Mille business, the company represents a perfect fusion of extreme technical, innovation and new materials.

Richard Mille, born February 13, 1951 in Draguignan (France) began working in Finhor, a local watch company in 1974. When this was bought by Matra in 1981, Mille is promoted to manage the watch activities of the new company , which then included the YEMA and Cupillard Rieme brands.
The watchmaking activities Matra subsequently sold to Seiko, Mille who left in 1992 to start a watch business for the firm Mauboussin jewelry. In the following years he gained extensive experience in working with, among others, for Audemars Piguet, Repossi and Baccarat.

In 1999, in collaboration with Audemars Piguet, born Richard Mille SA based in Les Breuleux, in the heart of Haute Horlogerie: the canton of Jura in Switzerland.
The first watch was put on sale in 2001. It is a chronometer with tourbillon with outstanding performance, followed by the model RM001 tourbillon, the first to be produced on an industrial scale.

Continuing along with strong the collaboration with major sports stars, Mille launches highly innovative watches market as the RM027, tourbillon renowned for its extremely lightweight (weighing only 18 grams) and dedicated to the champions of tennis Rafael Nadal, or such as RM038, a tourbillon in ultra-light alloy of magnesium-aluminum designed for the golfer Bubba Watson.

One of the most interesting news in recent years is undoubtedly the RM030 of 2011, which provides a gear device able to eliminate risks due to the overvoltage of the mainspring, automatically disengaging the rotor of the charging system when the spring has reached the ideal voltage (ie 50 hours of autonomy, as indicated on the dial) and performing the recoupling when the power reserve reaches 40 hours.

Another masterpiece is the RM 056 Felipe Massa Sapphire: fully transparent and the first watch-case to be built entirely of sapphire. It is a limited edition of 5 units at a price of US $ 1.7 million, and was declared best watch of 2012 the exhibition "Salon Internacional de Alta Relojeria" in Mexico City.

The RM 11 is instead a titanium chronograph, lightweight and anatomically like everyone watches the fashion house, always meet the quality standards that the house now ensures long time.

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Rolex 4313: a guarantee

As is well known research by Rolex has always been aimed at finding the best she could offer, and in this article we will describe in a few words the story that led to doing the brand pentastellato a guarantee, speaking of chronographs and in particular the 4313 Rolex pink gold.

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Fino alla fine degli anni ‘90 la scelta del meccanismo impiegato nei cronografi vede il trionfo del Valijoux, della nota casa svizzera. Questa preferenza è frutto di attente valutazioni e continue modifiche, volte ad un costante miglioramento a livello qualitativo e funzionale. Nei primi orologi si trovano infatti movimenti con alternanze (oscillazioni del bilanciere) più basse, che aumentano nel corso degli anni per dare la possibilità di leggere un tempo più frazionato e quindi più vicino a quello reale, avvicinandosi alla precisione dei cronografi al quarzo attuali.

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The first chronograph Rolex is 2021, mono button with case of important dimensions and base-proof cover, which I could appreciate at first hand the wonderful processes typical of pentastellato brand.
The house has since produced many chronographs, sometimes with small differences, while maintaining the same quality standards in the years of extreme reliability.

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The 4313 Rolex Chronograph Rose Gold 1954 (serial 999 000) is a wonderful clock moved, like all first chronographs, by a beautiful Valijoux 23 with 18,000 alternations.
The spider of the loops forms features make this object a real work of art that, due to the revaluation over the years has a significant added value.

& Nbsp;

We attach photos and the clock, as is our usual, we illustrate with a graph the value trends over the years.

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Patek Philippe: a name two people.

It all starts in 1838 with the foundation of "Patek, Czapek & Cie" in Geneva by the entrepreneur Antoni Norbert de Patek, an immigrant from Poland, and the watchmaker François Czapek, immigrant from Czekia.
In 1844 Antoni Patek, founder of the Maison, knows the French watchmaker Jean-Adrien Philippe in Paris where the latter presented his pioneering and convenient system setup time and charging the watch via the crown, which will replace the 'use of a separate key.
In 1845 François Czapek decided to leave the company to continue on its own, and the company name is changed to "Patek & Cie".

It is produced the first pocket watch for ladies: the timepiece is decorated with miniature of a rose. The company manufactures its first pocket watch with minute repeater and was awarded the patent for the Patek clock with charging and focusing mechanism per hour through the crown.
In 1851 Jean-Adrien Philippe officially joined the company, which changed its name to "Patek Philippe & Cie."

At the Great Exhibition of London, Queen Victoria is among the admirers of the first timepiece in the world without a key, the first of which had been patented by Jean-Adrien Philippe in 1845. The Queen of Great Britain and Ireland invests in a pocket watch enamel powder blue with floral decoration in diamonds cut in pink.
The pendant with clock dial on demand and brooch apparently had belonged to Queen Victoria.

Patek Philippe is among the first watchmaking maison to export to the US and enters into an alliance, still thriving with Tiffany & Co. in New York.
In 1881 it was awarded the patent for the precision control system, and in 1889 Patek Philippe & Co was awarded the patent for the perpetual calendar mechanism for pocket watches.
Nel 1932 "Ancienne Manufacture d'Horlogerie Patek Philippe & Cie, S.A." viene acquistata dai fratelli e Jean Charles Stern, già di proprietari un'azienda produttrice di Ginevra has Quadranti. Da allora "Patek Philippe S.A." è di rimasta un'azienda property familiare.
It was with this style of management, "a family", the parent company continues its efforts to ensure buyers an extremely reliable product with low production revalued over the years.
A Patek Philippe is forever and we find ourselves to be guardians and pass it down to our posterity.

Today we want to deepen on an extremely beautiful and complicated watch, the Patek Philippe 5004.
In 1995 we have the launch of the Ref. 5004 with 27-70 gauge. The basic movement Lémania with split-seconds chronograph and perpetual calendar CHR 27-70 Q is introduced in Ref. 5004 which remains in the collection for 16 years, until 2011.
A Patek Philippe is awarded a Swiss patent for the isolation mechanism of a split-seconds chronograph.

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Simple shapes, the right size, the extreme complications collected in such a small space and so well divided, make this splendid object an engineering laboratory, a work of art.
Many people who are going to search for it: who does it for investment, some for the pleasure of it, or for both reasons. Manages to please everyone and, with some difficulty to find, continue to give us all this.

We enclose a photograph of a Patek Philippe 5004 G and a graph showing the value of the trend over the years.

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The price expressed in euro sales in 1995 of 5004standard, it refers to the purchasing power of today.
Source: Istat

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Rolex 6263 Brown

We are in the early '70s, always looking for an improvement in impermeability standpoint.


The house with pentastellato "Rolex" brand introduces some changes from earlier versions with pushers, restoring the use of the screw and a crown of larger, already proven on the previous buttons ref. 6240 produced only in stainless steel.

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Declared water resistance: - 50 meters (165 feet) up to the early 80s c.a .; - 100 mt. (330 feet) up to the end production, Valjoux movement, caliber 727.

The ref. the above-mentioned "6263", it is produced in steel, gold 14 k and 18 k gold, with two-color standard dial, characterized by the presence of the written OYSTER guarantee of impermeability. Models with Newman dial are produced only in the early years. The written DAYTONA, introduced only on steel models from the mid-70s around, is always printed in red and placed along the curvature of the hours counter.



As you all know, Rolex has always given us, and continues to give, all this, wrapped in a mystery that makes you dream.

In addition to the above, as if reality approached the story in a world full of colors, it appears the dial brown tacked on in the 6263 vision. We do not know what happened over the years, we can only contemplate this example of extreme beauty and rarity. We enclose a graph showing the value of a standard clock ref. 6263 steel, going back in history up to the present day.


The price expressed in euro sales in 1974 of standard 6263 model, it refers to the purchasing power of today.
Source: Istat.

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