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Workshop Repairs

Workshop Repairs

La Gioielleria Bonanno si avvale di un laboratorio di fiducia che seleziona per i propri clienti quanto di meglio possa offrire la piazza internazionale, avvalendosi di qualified senior.

Experts in the review of watches of the best brands, our technicians are specialized in dealing with complex mechanisms like perpetual calendars and repetitions of minutes, as well as in restoration of clock and watch.
In confirmation of their professionalism, the jewelry also release a guarantee of international typeThat ensures customer wherever he is, the same features and the same rights as in Italy.

We inform our customers that the store will be closed from 04/08/2018 to 27/08/2018 for the summer.

Per qualsiasi informazione il sito e la nostra email rimarranno attive.
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