It is very difficult to talk about something so special.
We have previously found ourselves describing this world that for many years has given us not only the pleasure of using these wonderful timepieces but also important economic revaluations.
The Rolex 6262 in gold is the rarest watch to have been produced among the chronographs with gold pump buttons.

It is rumored that the Rolex has decided to market about 35 of them, and it is thought that those in circulation are very few indeed, perhaps 5/10.
The dial mounted on this watch is always of extreme rarity; 4 are thought to have been produced, and certainly we are talking about only a few world pieces.
In addition, the virtually exceptional condition and, as icing on the cake, the publication in Pucci Papaleo's book, make this item of extreme collector value.

Probably the collecting of these objects, a world that is still a newborn compared to that of artworks, is one of the best ways to invest, in addition, of course, to the use of the asset.
This world gives us a chance to get together and share this wonderful passion, but also to pass on to posterity the history we learn and are custodians of.

We at Bonanno Jewelry enclose a photo of the watch and, as is our custom, we illustrate with a graph the trend in value over the various years, showing the cost that the object had originally and the price that corresponds to today; we also point out how much over the years it has revalued.
The watch in question, considering a standard model, cost about 320,000 Liras in 1969 corresponding to today's purchasing power of €3,049.44. As of today it has reached a value of €500,000.00-a figure approximately 164 times higher than its initial value. This shows the great revaluation and thus the great investment this watch has made.

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