The Rolex 6239 is the first watch to bear the name of an automobile racetrack: "Daytona ".
This is the 1960s, when the house Omega manages to get the better of Rolex for the supply of timepieces to serve the space enterprise. At this time, the pentastar brand is looking for a name in the automotive field to associate with its watch.

The choice initially goes to the Le Mans racetrack in France, but unfortunately, an agreement cannot be reached because of the extreme cost involved. So the parent company tries to contact the American Le Mans racetrack. The first Vintage has on the dial the words "Rolex Cosmograph" and on the advertising brochures we read "This is the new Rolex Cosmograph. It's called Le Mans." Unfortunately, this racetrack is also discarded by Rolex as not deemed up to standard. Finally an agreement is finally found with Daytona; it will be this splendid autodrome that will name the next chronographs . Rolex.

In previous articles we have talked extensively about this wonderful watch, pointing out the exceptional features and the great investment it represents. Now we are here to show you as rare as you can find: the ROLE X.
As you can see from the inscription, the watch in question has a detached "X" graphic, which we find in the Rolex chronographs pulsometers and in Rolex albino chronographs. These are two very rare and enormously valuable watches. Our watch, thanks to this particular inscription, to date is the only known example in the world.

We have previously highlighted the factors that make a watch a great investment: brand, model and rarity. With the 6239 we bring all this together, giving the owner the opportunity to enjoy the benefits given by the huge investment this watch represents.

We enclose a photo of the watch and, as is our wont, illustrate with a graph the trend in value over the various years, showing the cost that the object had originally and the equivalent today, and pointing out how much it has revalued over the years.
A standard model of the watch in question had with a cost of about 123,921 Lire in 1966, corresponding to today's purchasing power of €1255.38. As of today it has reached a value of €20,000, a figure about 16 times higher than the initial one-a revaluation that stands to show the great investment this watch has made.

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