Konstantin Chaykin Dracula Limited 13 pieces


The vampire fangs in "Dracula" are not simply a new design element of the dial: from the watch's mechanical point of view, they are an indicator of "Dracula's time," invented by Konstantin Chaykin. In fact, it is his modified "day/night" indicator. Meet "Dracula!" Konstantin Chaykin's "Joker" shows his fangs - it is worth seeing him in person. As night approaches, the "Dracula" clock displays a remarkable ability, inherent in it since its conception--the ability to transform. In daylight hours they are cleverly disguised, and the watch can hardly be distinguished from the imaginary (since it has yet to be created by Konstantin Chaykin), imposing "Joker" with a blackened stainless steel case and a dial-shaped face with contrasting coloring. However, at night the constantly expressive, ever-changing but always familiar "Joker" face transforms. As if to celebrate the approaching night, when Halloween traditions dictate that the most mysterious, frightening and chilling events take place, the fangs of "Dracula" are revealed. Just before midnight, just as in the legend, the fangs begin to grow, becoming fully extended at 1 a.m., beginning to retract around 03:40 a.m. and hiding completely at 05:30 a.m.

Year 2022
Case Steel
Size 41 mm
Bracelet Crocodile skin
Closing Ardillon
Dial Black
Movement Automatic
Status New
Box Yes
Warranty Original
Seller Warranty Yes
N.B. Watch viewing is by appointment only

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