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Unclassified vintage Watches

Terms of sale

Terms of sale

Phone order

You can if you prefer to order your clock by phone: call us at 06-69380564 or 3398536820 or via Skype every day from 10.30 to 19.30 on the phone of the store, or by calling the mobile number where you will find support, advice and availability at any time. Telephone support is not a secure communications channel to transmit critical data such as those of the Credit Card that we will not accept payments by credit card. Payment by Credit Card can be done safely only online with the secure server of Banca Sella or directly in our shop.


All watches offered on the site www.gioielleriabonanno.it and / or exposed to physical office in Via della Croce in Rome, they are carefully checked in the state and in their original before being offered for sale.

A first control is performed by the purchasing manager at the time of the acquisition clock, a second, more detailed control is performed by laboratory technicians experts, who shall minutely check the total originality of the internal components and the good operation of the watch. In cases where it proves necessary, it subsequently proceeds to the complete revision of the clock and to the aesthetic treatment of the same.

Such clock-sale ante verification process ensures the customer a secure and transparent purchase of a product free from defects and conforms to its characteristics and peculiarities.

The Jewelery Bonanno offers customers a 12 month guarantee on every purchase made; this guarantee, which exclusively covers any mechanical damage that the clock can manifest itself, is to be considered later than the official manufacturer's warranty in the event that the latter is still in force.

Il cliente sarà pertanto totalmente garantito: se l’orologio acquistato è ancora coperto da garanzia ufficiale, il cliente potrà portarlo in assistenza presso un centro certificato da noi segnalato o recarsi presso nostra sede delegando la Gioielleria Bonanno a rivolgersi ad un centro autorizzato; se invece l’orologio acquistato presenta una garanzia ufficiale scaduta o un estratto di garanzia, il cliente potrà portarlo presso la nostra società che fornirà assistenza internamente ovvero attraverso centri specializzati con cui collabora direttamente.

La garanzia “Bonanno” non opera nelle seguenti ipotesi: danni fisici all’orologio quali ad esempio danneggiamento del vetro, della cassa o del bracciale (in tali casi la gioielleria si occuperà di effettuare le riparazioni a condizioni agevolate ma gli interventi non saranno coperti da garanzia); manomissioni di terzi; danni causati dall’uso improprio dell’orologio, dalla sua incuria ovvero qualora l’orologio stesso sia stato sottoposto ad interventi da parte di tecnici e/o laboratori e/o centri servizi diversi da quelli propri della Gioielleria Bonanno o da quelli espressamente indicati dalla nostra società.

Order acceptance

orders can not be modified or canceled by the customer. If an error report the problem to [email protected].com within 24 hours from the request for modification or cancellation of your order.