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3.7 million for the Rolex "Paul Newman" 6263

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3.7 million for the Rolex "Paul Newman" 6263

It sold for 3.7 Million Rolex "Paul Newman" 6263, the most expensive in history Daytona

A weekend in a sign of the records. Because of this talk about the figures achieved in the auction held by Phillips Saturday, May 13 at that Geneva.
Just yesterday we told you about the 'jewel in the crown' of the lot, "Bao Dai" ref. 6062, Rolex became the most expensive in the world.
But the other main player was the Daytona 'Paul Newman' yellow gold.
Estimated between $ 815,000 - $ 1.6 million, it was sold for $ 3,717,906,000 winning the Daytona distinction of being the most expensive ever.

Known as "The Legend" this Daytona Reference 6263, it is one of only three specimens in the world.
Its very rare lemon-colored dial grained with graphics fabled 'panda' with contrasting counters, making it a truly unique piece.

Just observe it to understand how this watch is able to keep your head to most of the fans. The auction to win it was indeed hard fought. Those who attended the auction, reported a grueling battle with rising between two collectors. The last bidder taken by anxiety was about to get up and leave the room when fortunately he came back just in time to hear the hammer blow that confirmed his victory on the other contender.

Excellent result for the auction house Phillips in a single weekend managed to sell two legends of the house and Rolex, in a year, beat the three watches of the house crowned the most expensive in the world.

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