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Unclassified vintage Watches


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Are now many years that the pentastellato brand gives to all holders of a Rolex watch, besides reliability, also an economic investment.
One of the most popular men for his passion in watches, is my friend Pucci Papaleo.
wonderful person who gave the opportunity to the whole world, to know these wonderful timepiece, describing and illustrating in a superlative all their peculiarities.
One of his last books about Rolex Daytona, it is: "ULTIMATE ROLEX DAYTONA".
To achieve it, it was a feat that lasted for several years, in the search for what at best could be offered giving the possibility to see the clock almost in reality.
In this book we are illustrated among the best Rolex Daytona products.

On May 12 in Geneva, the birthplace of watchmaking, was held an auction of Phillips, titled just as the book Pucci.
Thirty wonderful Rolex Daytona, have given the world a marvel, something that first makes us stay together, then we have the opportunity to use part of history that some time is also important investment.
The watches are still babies compared to works of art that for many years are a source of investment.
Infants have much to see.

Lot 17 is a 6263 Rolex Paul Newman. In about 1970, when production began, its cost was roughly 150,000 lire equivalent to around € 75, around the nineties had a value of about 11 million pounds, equivalent to about € 5500, For the value today market is about € 200,000 / 300,000 higher figure of around 2,600 / 4,000 times the cost of departure.

Thanks to my friend Pucci Papaleo, thank you all and thank you again to this world baby that has so much to give us.

Fabio Michetti Article