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Rolex Submariner 5510

of Jewellery Bonanno

Rolex Submariner 5510

As is well known, the reliability and quality of Rolex has meant that, over the years, the pentastellato mark has been chosen by many famous people, whose names were associated with the worn products, giving these watches additional value in terms exclusivity.

We present today the Submariner Coroncione 5510.
"Coroncione" is synonymous with James Bond. The actor Sean Connery, the agent 007 shoes, he just wore this model in "License To Kill." Ian Fleming, creator of the famous British spy, had in turn a Rolex watch and it is likely to believe that this will have influenced the choice of the timepiece for his mythical character.

It is thought that the watch in question was a Rolex 6538, this one called "coroncione" and then with the same distinctive feature of our Rolex 5510: the large size of the winding crown and the refurbishment now.
In our case, however, differences as the mechanism caliber 1530 (1030 in the case of the 6538 model) and the fact that the watch was produced for only one year (1959 to be exact), making it the rarest ever coroncione realized.

We enclose the clock pictures and a graph with the evolution of the value in the various years, bringing back the original cost, highlighting today's consideration and significant revaluation.

The standard clock model in question, from a cost of about 100,000 lire of 1959, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1,363.62, reached today a value of € 100,000, higher figure of about 73 times the the initial one. This shows the great appreciation and then the big investment that this watch made.

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