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Rolex 6263

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Rolex 6263

The 6263 Rolex, already difficult to find in the steel variant is extremely rare in its gold version.
In the latter case the mechanism, which in both configurations using a Valjoux caliber, reports a number as a guarantee of reliability, certification in steel model was affixed only in recent years.

The pentastellato brand, has always projected towards a continuous search to offer the best to all those who choose to purchase a Rolex, is notoriously symbol of security and investment stability. I remember, many years ago (intone to 1985), I bought a Rolex 6263 steel for a 1,780,000 lire value.

Then the store suggested I buy a Rolex 6265 in gold, with leather strap, at 6,700,000 lire price. At first I was tempted to buy it, but later I became convinced otherwise.

In a short time the clock in question came to the value of ITL 30,000,000, and I could not help but be observing this remarkable appreciation.

We enclose the photo of Rolex 6263 and, as is our usual, graphically we represent the value trends over time, showing the object's original cost in relation to its current amount, and illustrating its appreciation over the years.

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In 1985 the clock in question (standard model) had a cost of about 6,700,000 lire, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 8581.10.

So far it has reached a value of € 80,000, an increase of 823.28% from the original price. Everything demonstrating its major re-evaluation, and then made the largest investment.

Fabio Michetti Article