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Rolex 6263 Brown

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Rolex 6263 Brown

We are in the early '70s, always looking for an improvement in impermeability standpoint.


The house with pentastellato "Rolex" brand introduces some changes from earlier versions with pushers, restoring the use of the screw and a crown of larger, already proven on the previous buttons ref. 6240 produced only in stainless steel.

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Declared water resistance: - 50 meters (165 feet) up to the early 80s c.a .; - 100 mt. (330 feet) up to the end production, Valjoux movement, caliber 727.

The ref. the above-mentioned "6263", it is produced in steel, gold 14 k and 18 k gold, with two-color standard dial, characterized by the presence of the written OYSTER guarantee of impermeability. Models with Newman dial are produced only in the early years. The written DAYTONA, introduced only on steel models from the mid-70s around, is always printed in red and placed along the curvature of the hours counter.



As you all know, Rolex has always given us, and continues to give, all this, wrapped in a mystery that makes you dream.

In addition to the above, as if reality approached the story in a world full of colors, it appears the dial brown tacked on in the 6263 vision. We do not know what happened over the years, we can only contemplate this example of extreme beauty and rarity. We enclose a graph showing the value of a standard clock ref. 6263 steel, going back in history up to the present day.


The price expressed in euro sales in 1974 of standard 6263 model, it refers to the purchasing power of today.
Source: Istat.

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