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Rolex 6241 oro Paul Newman

of Jewellery Bonanno

Rolex 6241 oro Paul Newman

The 6241 gold Rolex Paul Newman is one of the most sought after collectible specimens in the world. The watch has taken the name of the actor who wore it, and with its beautiful exotic dial has become one of the best ever investment.

The mechanism, as already pointed out in other articles, was always subject to review by the pentastellato brand, always looking for the best the market can offer study.
This Valjoux caliber is among the best in those years were available, while the watch case, proofed by the great work of the parent company, has allowed us to assure excellent preservation components over time.
It is precisely the latter the most desired feature by collectors, much more attracted by these objects as much as their conditions are perfect, and therefore their extreme value.

As you know, the market price is determined by many factors: reliability of the brand, number of watches produced, aesthetic component. The more you combine these factors, the greater the rarity and value of the object.
The 6241 Rolex Paul Newman packs all these features, boasting the name of the most solid parent in the world, has a circulation of gold watches in extremely small compared to steel, and an extreme beauty and legibility dial, an artist painting huge rarity.

As for the association with Paul Newman, the story goes that one day these churches the time the boy to one of his daughters. He replied that he had the clock, so the actor gave him his steel Rolex chronograph with exotic dial.
The object was put aside, but over the years had major revaluations. Later, realizing the extreme value of his "Paul Newman", the boy called the former girlfriend and gave back the clock. Later it was contacted by an important collector. Aurel Bacs, aware of the fact, went to inspect the object, and it was decided to put it up for auction in New York in the fall, giving half of the proceeds to charity.
The clock will achieve 5 to 10 million dollars, and you think that this event will enhance all Paul Newman and the other watches.

Now it's up to you to evaluate our 6241 Rolex gold specimen with exotic dial (Paul Newman), one of the finest watches available.
We attach photos and, as is our usual, we illustrate with a graph the trend of the value in the various years, bringing the cost of the object had at the origin and the price corresponding to the present day, and noting what the years has appreciated.
In this case a standard model had a cost of 300,000 lire in 1969/70, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 2723.24. So far it has reached a value of € 300,000, about 110 times more than the initial cost. This shows the great appreciation, and then the big investment that this watch is.

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