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Unclassified vintage Watches

6241 steel Rolex "Cherry Logo"

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6241 steel Rolex "Cherry Logo"

Produced from 1965 to 1969 or so, the 6241 steel Rolex "Cherry Logo" presents the black graduated bezel and the pushers.
As previously explained in articles about Rolex vintage with manual winding movement, this watch is equipped by machinery "Valjoux", the best that the parent company could be found at that time.

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In 1965 it appears for the first time the words "Daytona" on the dial, set to become an icon of watchmaking world. Just this year, the start of production of the Rolex 6241, on very few dials you notice the Daytona written in red: this special, extremely rare, hence the name "Cherry" attributed to the clock.

collecting environment, we know that the start and end watches production have a higher value.
In this case, in addition to being an exemplary start production of the Rolex 6241, with a case with serial 1.5 million, we also have an extreme rarity dial, on which stands the inscription red Daytona.

As described previously, today's watches are one of the best investments that the market can offer. For us fans Add to that the pleasure to study them, snatching everything that passed there, a rich past history of time.

We attach photos and the clock, as is our usual, we illustrate with a graph the value of the trends in the various years, bringing the cost of the object had at the origin and the price that corresponds to today; also points must be noted over the years has appreciated.
A standard clock model in question had a cost of 120,000 lire in 1965, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1241.15. So far it has reached a value of € 80,000 / 120,000, a figure higher than about 96 times the initial price in Euro initials.
This shows the great appreciation and thus the largest investment made by this watch.

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