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Unclassified vintage Watches

Rolex 6240

of Jewellery Bonanno

Rolex 6240

This watch is to be regarded as an experimental model, a prototype to test new chronograph buttons with screw tightening.

The screw buttons are considered a kind of prototype, never appeared on spare parts catalogs Rolex. They have a characteristic grainy, later defined by collectors "striped". Their housing in the caseband is less pronounced compared to the models with pump keys and is easily visible looking at the back of the watch.

Anche la corona di carica Twinlock è differente da quella da quella utilizzata in precedenza, passando da 6 a 7mm di diametro. Questo orologio fu poco fortunato: nei quattro anni di vita raccolse frequenti giudizi negativi riguardo alle dimensioni della cassa e all’ingombro dei pulsanti cronografici a vite…giudicati colpevoli di rovinare i polsini delle camicie!

The definitive introduction of the screw provides buttons to Rolex a great advantage over its competitors. This function allows to immerse the clock even if the chronograph functions are disabled due to the location of the screwed pushers. This attracts buyers who flock to buy the Rolex chronographs in the world, thus ensuring the success of this model.

At first productions mounted a movement Valjoux 72B or 722, while on some models of the latest productions introduces the caliber 722/1, as always choosing the best the market could offer.
For many years now that the clocks have had major revaluations, for some time the people, seeing the results of the auctions and the market trend, they understood that the watches are also a form of investment.
All this makes it more and more these valuables and difficult to be found.
We enclose the clock and, as is our usual photos, we illustrate with a graph the trend of the value in the various years, bringing the cost of the object had at the origin and the price that corresponds to today, also points must be noted over the years he has re-evaluated.

The watch in question, for a standard model, had a cost of 120,000 lire in 1965, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1238.75.
So far it has reached a value of € 60,000, about 50 times higher than the original figure.

This shows the great appreciation and then big investment that this watch made.

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