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Rolex 6239 the “Priest”

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Rolex 6239 the “Priest”

Rolex 6239
The evolution of the reference 6238 is called COSMOGRAPH to evoke the space-60s, and represents the new generation of chronographs pushers, similar to previous models, but with the difference that for the first time you use a graduated bezel to measure the speed.
The first set of COSMOGRAPH born with the reference 6239, and with serial numbers around 900,000 (1963); for the second, instead, these start at about 1 million (around 1964).


The latter has, in most productions, a bezel that presents second series, like the previous one, a scale to 300 units per hour, but with measuring intervals of a unit up to 100, intermediate 225 and 250.


The dial keeps ROLEX COSMOGRAPH written at the top, below the crown Rolex; down the dial has written the new T SWISS T, which will remain in use even on all subsequent production of dials for DAYTONA until after the mid-90s. The mechanical movement caliber Valjoux 722 custom is used.



This now historic clock for his eldest feature, already extremely rare, is presented to you with a new dial with white graphics: THE PRIEST.
That's the name listed on the book by Pucci Papaleo, because of written white COSMOGRAPH, and at the moment it only two specimens known.

Ours is just what in the book, the author has a certification and is virtually exceptional condition.


We enclose a diagram of a well established standard 6239 model, where you can see the great appreciation over the years, and we will continue to give you new news, to give everyone a chance to find the interest wanted.

chart_base2The sale price expressed in euro in 1967, refers to the buying power of the day.
Source: Istat.

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