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Unclassified vintage Watches

Rolex 6239 S/S

of Jewellery Bonanno

Rolex 6239 S/S

Rolex 6239 Soleil Dial, incorporating Jumbo Logo and chocolate subsidiary registers.

We spoke previously of the Rolex 6239, but still a lot to be said about this wonderful object, like many vintage watches, has undergone many changes over time, giving us continuous innovations that make each piece unique work of art.

The watch in question, published in the book Of Pucci Papaleo "ULTIMATE ROLEX DAYTONA", owes its rarity to brown counters, one of the best known colors, and counters for the chronograph time in exceptional condition, characterized by a cut perpendicular to the quadrant (a pan counters), and larger in size (big eyes).

As for the investment strength in watches, the world is now aware. It would be hard to say more, if it were not for our passion to make us continue to talk about something unique.
There is never a fair price for these objects, these works of art, the value that is attributed is something that almost offends, and let the owner to decide its future.
We could see how these watches have made in the last auction: a 6263 Gold Paul Newman has produced more than 3 million, and soon there will be the 6239 Rolex clock auction with exotic dial the same actor, called "Paul Newman "in honor of its owner. Half of the proceeds, estimated 5 to 10 million dollars, will go to charity.

Today watches are one of the best investments that the market can offer. At this, for us fans, it adds the ability to study them by taking advantage of all that you are able to pass on a rich history that continues over time.

We enclose the clock photo illustrating, as always, the trend of the value in the various years with the support of a graph. Here is the cost that the object was originally and its counterpart today, it notes what has appreciated over the years.
This particular watch, considering a standard model, had a cost of 123,921 lire in 1967 (corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1216.41). So far it has reached a value of € 20,000, about 16 times the initial figure.

This shows the great appreciation obtained by this watch, and then the great investment that has been able to secure.

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