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Rolex 6234

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Rolex 6234

We speak today of Rolex 6234: we are in the 50s, a time when prevailing forms united by harmonious rounded; the modest measures of the case and the dials by colorful graphics make this extremely beautiful and functional watch.
The mechanical properties, always in line with the standards of excellence for years Rolex guarantees, trust the now-known Valjoux.
Despite the chronograph buttons are to pump, screw lacking which prevents the drive is not wanted, is guaranteed impermeability of the watch, extremely important aspect on which the pentastellato brand has invested heavily.

The Rolex 6234, progenitor of the now famous Daytona, it basically shows the same technical characteristics, albeit dressed in an outfit suited to the production period. Today it is much more than just a functional object, and represents for the owner a great investment.

Shedding light on this subject, such as bringing the rod on the specimen "Paul Newman" belonged eponymous actor.
This watch brings a nice anecdote about the owner and the then boyfriend of his daughter: when the actor asked the boy what time it was, they said, did not have a watch; Paul Newman, then gave him his Rolex telling him "if you load it every day will give you the exact time."
Past time, given the important value reached by the clock, the new owner and his ex-girlfriend, daughter, decided to auction Philips.

From here on it is now known story, and the whole world knows what this watch is made: started with a starting price of a million dollars, and after an initial raise to ten million dollars, it was clear what would were important figures that the watch was able to achieve.
After less than twenty minutes The Paul Newman was sold for 17,752,500 dollars, a figure never reached before by a wristwatch, giving worldwide exposure to the reality of watchmaking.

We enclose the clock and, as is our usual photos, we illustrate with a graph the value of the trends in the various years, bringing the cost that the object was originally and what corresponds to today; also points must be noted over the years has appreciated.

A standard clock model in question, with a cost of around 100,000 pounds in 1950, corresponding to today's purchasing power of € 1876.07 to date has reached a value of € 28,000, a figure about 15 times higher than the starting .
This shows the great appreciation that affected the object, and then the big investment that this watch made.

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