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Unclassified vintage Watches

Rolex 16528 with black dial, indices in bright, four written.

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Rolex 16528 with black dial, indices in bright, four written.

We draw some news from the previous article, to remind you how much work is behind the creation of this watch.

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The house mother chose as a gauge (mechanism) to use the "Zenith 400 El Primero", with 36000 alternations and a frequency of 5 Hz, using a special-based disulphide dry lubricant Molybdenum applied by a vaporization process, which required specific equipment and a maintenance every two years. The basic caliber Zenith El Primero was then processed deeply, so much so that necessitarono 200 changes so that it could be compared to the quality standards of the brand.

The first, necessary, interventions were carried out to reduce the number of alternations (from 36000 to 28000) and decrease the frequency from 5 to 4 HZ. They mounted on the movement a larger rocker that oscillated at a lower frequency, common to all Rolex calibers of the moment, so as to simplify and improve the reliability of such movement.
The rocker Rolex has four races in glucydur with Breguet spiral and a Microstella regulation system. Lubricants used for 4030 were those traditional media, those changes allow Rolex to recommend a review every four years, once almost twice the original size.

The 4030 Daytona movements mounted on the first serial ref.16520 series R / 3/8 had an numbering between 10000 and 20000 (numbering random which also takes account of the next serial L). The first nuts (to perform speed measurements) were 200.
Uno dei progettisti di questo orologio, recandosi spesso a Parigi con un treno ad alta velocità, passava il tempo divertendosi a misurare la velocità con il suo Daytona 16520 (uno dei prototipi che, in quanto tale, non aveva il seriale e montava quadranti di prova). Il treno viaggiava a molto di più di 200km/h, quindi si rese conto che per il mondo moderno un misuratore con scala a 200 era insufficiente e propose di ridisegnare la scala con un limite più alto (400 uph. La prima venne realizzata con intermedio a 225).

A feature of this watch is its black dial with indexes in brilliant and four lettering, believed to have been produced in about 5 units, and therefore has a great collectible.

We are at the beginning, the first watches produced underwent several changes until you get to the final version, which then will over time only small differences.

I hope that a reflection can be auspicious and give you the possibility to choose the best.
Today a porcelain dial for this type of watches produced in about 200 units has a very important value: why, then, produced a dial in approximately 5 specimens should not see recognized its merit?
Perhaps we can say that given the nature of this brilliant black dial 4 written, we're all still trying to understand the true value of the object. This wonderful watch today is sold to more important figures, but perhaps not deserving.

As described above, the world of collecting of these objects, an infant compared to works of art, goes beyond the use of the property and is probably one of the best ways to invest.

Thanks to this world who first gives us the opportunity to get together and share this wonderful passion, bringing to posterity the story we learn and we are custodians.

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