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patek philippe 5170j

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patek philippe 5170j

We speak today of the Patek Philippe 5170J.
As reported in our previous article on the clock manufacturer mentioned above, it all begins in 1938.
For many years, Patek Philippe is synonymous with high reliability. Products, also of extreme complication, built to the highest precision standards and a proper marketing study, so as not to inflate the collateral market value of the property, giving the opportunity to the owners to use and pass on really special items.

The Patek Philippe 5170 J recalls the style a bit 'retro chronographs 40s / 50s. It has a box of 39 mm yellow gold and alligator strap with square scale, hand-sewn, chocolate brown.
The dial silver opalescent are two counters, markers and gold applied Roman numerals and chrono seconds hand at the center.
The watch has a mechanical movement with manual winding with a column wheel, exposed through the sapphire crystal, and is waterproof up to 3 atmospheres.
All this makes the watch not only extremely reliable, according to the canons that characterize the parent, but also a simple timepiece, essential and extremely elegant.

What the world of watches is showing us is now clear, and in auctions we have seen the significant value that these objects were made.
This is giving visibility and giving these timepieces can be more and more known and appreciated for what they are worth.
As is our usual, we attach the clock photo.

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