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Patek Philippe 5004 vs Patek Philippe 5204

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Patek Philippe 5004 vs Patek Philippe 5204

Entered from a few days into the new decade, for lovers and lovers of watchmaking year 2020 is the year that enshrines the 181 anniversary the birth of the prestigious Swiss House Patek Philippe. An impressive number of years but, according to several admirers, well symbolizes this brand that embodies or is better if the maximum convergence of innovation with quality, to arrive at an absolute artifact end result: in style, with a flourish, in charm and in constant technological evolution in a large only!

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We've already told you a few days ago the family history of the first chronographs with perpetual calendar ever produced in the world by Patek Philippe, making a success of public and critics for having described almost in a Rossini crescendo, starting with founder 1518 al 2499, To get to 3970 finally closing with 5970.

And in the wake of this agreement and of requests received from web and social further investigation, the board of the Jewellery Bonanno decided to compare two clocks that flow from this most noble progeny, trying to compare them: the Patek Philippe 5004 vs Patek Philippe 5204.

Both, however, clear: the purpose is not to determine which is the best between the two but only highlight what are the differences between the two jewelry, highlighting the evolution of watchmaking quality, helping at the same time collectors, simple fans or fans in choosing their ideal jewelry.

Creation of the Reference 5004

After its commercial success on the market 5020With its chest curious television which so struck the popular imagination but not caused the expected fanfare, the Patek Philippe He decides to raise its extraordinary chronograph with perpetual calendar project launching on the market in 1996 reference 5004, Which it will soon become one of the most desired watches, backgrounds and loved in the world.

Defined by the same Patek Philippe the official document accompanying the chronograph "Split-second"the Patek Philippe 5004 It is characterized first of all for the two chronograph hands that are started and stopped only with the button on the right side of Case on the coronaIn the direction of ore 2 in Quadrant. If then they also want to measure a lap time on the intermediate without interrupting the measurement of the total time, this mechanism for its excellent levels of separation allows, by pressing the button added on corona, Called precisely “pulsante fly-back”: Pressing a first time, the pointer of the intermediate time crashes while the others continue to run. Pressing it, the needle is aligned with the other two that are going forward: a real innovation in the wrist chronographs mechanism, never realized before, especially in that size!

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Moreover, to make matters worse, they are put on the chest four new small buttons, three on the top and one on the bottom. It's a matter of external buttons of fast recoveryThe first calendar for day ad ore 10; the second for the data, Placed between the hours 11:12; the third for month, between ore 12 and l ' 1 and the last, the fourth placed at the bottom of the case, for the rapid restoration of Moon phase inserted between the ore 6 E 7.

All this in a crate 36,7 mm. for this Patek Philippe 5004, Essential to accommodate the gauge of Lemania, Therefore a crate with a greater depth to make room for, inter alia, to rattrapante mechanism sdoppianti seconds, which is positioned above the proven and efficient precisely gauge Lemania.

To make then Patek Philippe 5004 what many of Switzerland's watch lovers the world define long been exemplary so rare and beautiful to be equated in importance and due to the difficulty of its finding as to a "Holy grail" (And as is the case for other few other watches in the world ...), contributes greatly to its uniqueness: the market Vintage In fact, the number of parts available is limited, compared with an estimated approximately close to 12 units produced per year from House Switzerland, from '96 to 2014!!

What's more, the question of Patek Philippe 5004 He has always exceeded supply, and over the years the (few) numbers available on the open market have gradually reduced, as they the most hardened collectors and economically well provided we have put on their hands.

Add in also the importance that the market has taken in recent years its stainless steel version (Although the Patek Philippe 5004 the platinum is very close), and that after it has been produced in all the finest materials available, and here this "Holy grail" Wrist is nice that fact !!

To substantiate this feeling of uniqueness, according to many experts the Patek Philippe 5004 It would be the representation, almost sum the Presidency of Philippe Stern, son of Henri and nearly a mythological character by how he managed and conducted in full of his years House Switzerland.

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Belonging to the third generation of the family who held the reins of one of the most important watch brands in the world, many believe that the greatest success Philippe Stern was the Calibre 89, A commemorative pocket watch created in 1989 to celebrate 150 years. But today many agree that the models designed and produced under his presidency, coincidentally just as the Patek Philippe 5004 (Including a state of the art production plant in the canton of Geneva, Plan-les-Ouates), Are really the "Graal horrible" and even “Philippe” associated with “Patek” is due to him !!

Pay attention to Jewellery BonannoIf you ever happen to cross it in one, buy it immediately because its value will rise, it will rise and how! In these photos you can also admire one, an exclusive 5004 for sale by us, Released by the black dial as well from House Swiss remembering that there are only eight pieces world !!

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Let's see the technical characteristics of the absolute MotionDirectly extrapolated from the original certificate Patek Philippe 5004:

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calibro: CHR 27-70 Q

Overall Diameter: 30 mm.

overall height: 8,8 mm.

Number of components: 407

Number of jewels: 28

Power reserve: to max between 50 and 60 hours

Balance: Gyromax

Frequency: 18,000 semi-oscillations per hour (2.5 Hz)

Spring Scales: Breguet

Hallmark: Geneva

Quadrant: chronograph with a scale calibrated to fifths of the second; intermediate time; 30-minute counter at 3 o'clock calendar day of the week and month; hands leap year; at lunar phases 6. Calculation of the hours, minutes and seconds of the subsidiary as well as 24 hours at 9.

Chronograph: classical construction of the base column; Start, stop and reboot with the two buttons located on the right side of the case in the direction of 2 o'clock and 4; start and stop of the intermediate time through fly-back button on the crown;

Motion: model "New Lemania" exclusively for Patek Philippe.

Here is the Reference 5204

Hard to believe that after a watchmaking masterpiece as it is precisely the patek Philippe 5004 He would have done better! Instead ... start by saying that the Patek Philippe Reference 5204 he was born as a second count by sdoppianti chronograph (split-seconds) in 2012, and with perpetual calendar, but that is soon labeled as "A watch absolute gem"!

The Patek Philippe 5204 It is therefore the evolution of the species, not a direct emanation of the 5004 but the elder brother of another reference amazing how 5270 (In turn defined as another clock belonging to the club Patek Grail), But with the aim to perfect even to further the design of the reference 5004, Thus forming a modern watchmaking masterpiece!

Let us now to the description of 5204 as mentioned before, in order to enhance the strengths and comparing it with the 5004 to highlight the direct evolution.

The case.

This product was initially only platinum but then forged rose gold as the one currently available to the Jewellery Bonanno, Noting immediately Patek Philippe 5204, It is provided with a Case The 40,2 mm. respect to 36,7 mm. of Reference 5004, With up to resistance 30 m. below sea level.

As is easy to guess, the upgrade to a Case The 40,2 mm. within an House who loves tradition as patek It is simply in keeping with the times but also a necessary step for such a complicated watch. In fact, it is according to many connoisseurs in 5004 one might say, an extreme the concept, that the movement is almost compressed in the chest by 36,7 mm. to the point that its push-buttons seem almost snack from it !!

We say that this criticism was put in a way soft but it was still a way to highlight how the 5004 He had this lighter, less visually appealing. Therefore the Patek Philippe 5204 solves this dilemma aesthetic, giving the entire case and the clock a more elegant appearance.

The Dial.

Let's go on QuadrantHere, where you immediately notice the difference between the two clocks. The New nell'appassionato trigger a similar feeling to what Catullo masterfully he represented in the immortal and beautiful ode addressed to Lesbia, the largest, tormented love of his life and entitled "Odi et amo", that is "I hate you and I love you". But why? Simple, because the basic information of a wristwatch are now cleaner and clearer in the quadrant of Patek Philippe 5204 but less traditional, therefore moving away so decided by the historical and unmistakable manufactory Patek Philippe!?!?

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So the Quadrant the Patek Philippe 5204 and of "break" almost with the past and is much in line with the styling the 5270. In fact, in addition to two windows already mentioned close to the ore 12 (Showing the month and day of the week), the minute counter for the chronograph is set at 30 minutes to ore 3; the log of the date and moon phase are to ore 6 and the second running are to ore 9. Between ore 4 and ore 5 there is the leap year indicator, and finally between ore 7 and ore 8 there is the day-night window, a must for a perpetual calendar with manual winding.

The Patek Philippe 5204 usually he has a sword hands and indexes to stick instead of Arabic numerals and indices as a kind of leaf that we find on 5004 but it pays attention to a particular non-secondary. The "usually" means that buyers of this jewel have required custom configuration on the dial directly to Patek Philippe.

Therefore, it takes into account that the variations mentioned above are those that appeared most often on the dials of Patek Philippe 5204Or at least those who have had the chance to see from experts and enthusiasts, as well as by the fortunate owners.

The first products were made of platinum but We the Jewellery Bonanno We can proudly ridden he one, precious and Rose gold! Yes, the much sought Patek Philippe 5204R with its extraordinary caseback sapphire crystal that allows you to see the movement in action without having to open it. Waterproof up to 30 m. deep, in exquisite rose gold 18kt. and the thickness of 14,3 mm.: A real jewel! Its dial is opalescent silver, with indexes applied in gold with luminescent coating. The plaque Quadrant It is obviously oro 18kt. and it is astonishing how luminous, attractive, amazing!

But we said of the different types of Quadrant. In fact this detail, which might seem trivial, but places particular emphasis on the contrast between the tradition of brandIn wanting to produce major complications and of historic value watches following a highly original and proper modus operandi (Remember the concept of Holy grail?), And simultaneously open up to the demands of its customers, which puts Patek Philippe in step with the times but in fact radically change the strategy on the market!

So here's the big news that introduces Patek Philippe 5204 itself: are the changes in the Case It is in the Quadrant that we mentioned above (by the way you prefer a classic dial, with leaf hands and Arabic numerals or the "modern" we have already described?), but above all on the part of the customer can request customizations, a charm completely new and unusual taste that the fanatics of perhaps tradition also can pass the choc New windows placed at ore 5 and ore 7.

On the aesthetic side, then the debate is on and still going on, although the Patek Philippe I have decided not to customize the dials on future references. If anything, they all agree on one issue: the Patek Philippe 5204 remains unequaled way of putting on the dial all the information in a more cleanly, clearly and legibly, with a quality that competition has always been very active on this front, hardly (if ever), manages to overcome, perhaps equating but only in part.

Just looking at things from this perspective, here is the famous windows set to ore 5 E to 7 hours to which was mentioned before, they appear as logic, natural continuation of the capacity of the proverbial Patek Philippe to renew remaining the Number One!

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The movement.

The Movement Patek Philippe 5204 It is probably the biggest change compared to reference 5004. The Movement 5004 It was based on a movement Lemania heavily modified, handsome and impeccably finished but certainly not technically so revolutionary: a very solid and efficient "used" safely!? !!?

in Patek Philippe 5204 instead this inner caliber is left as a base, then adding us the new patented mechanism described before the second division. It is classed by the words Caliber CHR 29-535 PS Q where the CHR 29-535 It is the classical architecture of the caliber hand-wound while Movement PS Q It incorporates a horizontal clutch and two-wheel column.

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The rotor works with a balancing Gyromax beating at 28.800 bph (4Hz), Which is a substantial change from the 18.000 bph the CHR 27-70 Q the 5004. Moreover, despite its 182 sharesThe Perpetual Calendar Patek Philippe 5204 It has a height of only form 1,65 mm.unparalleled, demonstrating the competence of Patek Philippe in achieving major complications to ultimately achieve exceptional watches.

The hand-wound with a power reserve of 65 hours charge (long enough to get our Patek Philippe 5204 an entire weekend on the nightstand!), can be seen through a refined sapphire glass! This is the eighth in the history of chronograph Patek Philippe and it is absolutely wonderful as well as full of new patented technologies.

We spoke of the innovation of this inward movement to the Patek Philippe 5204. The first is the chronograph system. It passes from an isolation system "Octopus wheel" for the 5004 to a new insulation system "Gooseneck" for control of the split seconds hand. The octopus could only rotate unidirectionally and required a spring for more voluminous insulating wheel, while now in Patek Philippe 5204 The gooseneck (Note 1) is very thin and can move quickly in both directions. The result is a system split much more reliable, more durable and easier to repair when needed.

The second innovation in Patek Philippe 5204 It is a mechanism to reduce the 'offset between the two chronograph hands. Since the movement of the divided second hand is connected to the movement of the lancet of the main chronograph, sometimes there may be a slight difference between the two. Instead of covering it with a slightly wider of the chronograph hand (which many manufacturers do, and that for the 5004 is done), Patek Philippe He has reshaped their cam and roller system to be perfectly accurate. The geometry is relatively complicated, but the idea is simple: a more consistent and predictable contact between the moving parts get more precise interactions.

Finally, there is the strong attraction that in a true lover excited forever: charge Manual this masterpiece. And this factor, absolutely disruptive, the lucky owner can check by using it to realign completely, for example, a perpetual calendar like this the Patek Philippe 5204 but out of step with the date to be set. The efficiency of the rapid restoration buttons enhance functionality and speed of execution, in one word stunning would say!

Therefore, trying to pull the classic final line, however, pointing out that when dealing with the issue "Chronographs with perpetual calendar" with the production of Patek Philippe There remains close to 'optimum Collectors and lovers of this spectacular universe, we can say that Patek Philippe 5204 It is very close to being as a tasty icing on a beautiful cake!

A complete watch so this Patek Philippe 5204, Clear to read despite the high level of complication, robust yet light enough to put on the wrist despite crate 40,2 mm. can lead to some doubts in this respect. A watch so elegant and it gives great satisfaction in itself, confirming the reputation enjoyed by the patek Philippe for several decades and which puts him also elite of watchmaking, one of the few Graal around the world.

To say that a new reference Patek Philippe is impressive is kind of redundant in itself. But the 5204 It is really impressive. It is a new perpetual calendar chronograph with seconds patek, Which replaces 5004 in lineup and offers a number of significant improvements. We got our hands on a Basel 2012 and we have all the details.

We'll start with the most basic differences. In the first place, patek He has decided to increase the size of the crate 36,7 to even 40 mm, In line with the modern trend for larger watches. It is a huge jump, but 40mm is still a more than reasonable size and looks quite good here.

Currently the 5204 is produced in various alloys, while the 5004P It has been seen more often with Arabic Numerals, 5204p instead presents markers in gold swab applied with luminescent fills. The dial itself is in 18 carat white gold opal and hands are in black oxidized gold with inserts Super Luminova. The sottoregistratori have also been made a little 'more minimally, with indications of day / night and leap year moving from sottoregistratori and become small windows.

A short tour of the new dial: the windows of the day and the month at 12, register 30 minutes chronograph at 3 (now instantly jumps), leap year window between 4 and 5, record the date and moon phase at 6 the day / night window between 7 and 8, the latter running the register 9, and the hands of the hours / minutes and two seconds chronograph split centered on the dial. The 5204p has a cleaner look, more essential compared to the older brother, and readability is surprising for such a complicated watch.

But it's what's under the hood that really makes the difference here (and it is almost a $ 75,000 difference, anyway). The 5204 It is powered by a movement caliber CHR 29-535 PS Q, With a balance Gyromax that beats at 28,800 bph (4Hz), which is a substantial change compared to 18,000 bottles per hour of CHR 27-70 Q of 5004. Beyond the rhythm, the chronograph 27-70 Q It was based on the excellent Lemania movement, and then heavily modified internally to patek, while the 29-535 PS Q It is a real built by internal motion, highly complicated interior. Finally, charging manually, it has a power reserve of 65 ore and it can be seen through the caseback in sapphire (Also including the solid platinum).

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