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The vintage watch market continues despite everything

of Jewellery Bonanno

The vintage watch market continues despite everything

What it is happening with regard to the emergency unleashed by Coronavirus, From left China and became widespread in our country from Germany and involving inevitably, predictably, the whole 'Western Europe he United States, He has changed or is changing our habits.

But under these circumstances, to paraphrase the words of Albert Einstein the aftermath of American Great Depression the ‘29, A time of great crises come great opportunities and ideas that, if channeled in the right direction, can also drive improvement in our own lives.

It is therefore not surprising that Saturday, March 21 last year, the famous watchmaking house of auctions Antique, founded in 1974 A Geneva and decades of success behind it, has given away anyway and the expected waiting “Vintage & Contemporary Watches” taking advantage of the Internet all shortIn full compliance with the imposition by the Swiss authorities to restrict gatherings indoors.

The result? Excellent, now showing that even with the existing limitations to contain the spread of the Covid-19, internet It is a valuable and powerful tool for sharing these events. Moreover, for some years the world's most famous auction exploit the Internet or even the most common phone line, to beat their prestigious items.

The auction access has followed the classic canons of these cases. The event started at ore 14:00 of Saturday, March 21 for obvious reasons of time zone, especially for participants who were the planet's extremes. Everything was managed by an empty room at the headquarters of the prestigious Geneva and broadcast live from the site. The participants and guests had access to the site through the encrypted access security mode and the end of the auction the total recorded far beyond 3 Million Swiss Francs of total 294 lots available.

Then deepening detail, for lovers of these events and most of the watches Vintage, At the beginning they were beaten pocket watches, including a selection of suggestive Vacheron Constantin. The highlight, however, was a rare Patek Philippe pocket with perpetual calendar and minute repeater, awarded for a very interesting figure!

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But as often it happens in auctions, the most fought lots and high value have played a key role as well of Rolex and Patek Philippe, Although some Audemars Piguet did entertain and thrill all those attending the session.

So despite the emergency Covid-19, Life goes and must go forward with technology that supports this delicate stage of our lives. If anything is to be noted that despite these difficulties, the watch market Vintage goes on.

Other prestigious auction houses in fact, such as the historic and famous Sotheby’s, founded in 1744 by legendary Samuel Baker and with branches around the world, has set up long ago a section devoted entirely to the award of the lots Online, But the proposition modes are different than reported before.

Sotheby’s In fact, the mutual method eBay, Thereby exposing the items on its website for several days and participants can raise to win the bids until the close. The last auction Online started Tuesday 17 March and ends on Thursday, 26, Putting the charm 185 lots with varieties of watches highly sought after contemporary wrist, as always from the top luxury brands in the world.

But the offer of Sotheby’s in this case it was not the usual pure But sales Online: Part meant to have an opportunity to jump the waiting list and acquire a Patek Philippe Nautilus Stainless Steel 5711 O 5712As well as a Rolex Daytona Zenith 1988 and a Rolex Master pepsi GMT 1982, both no longer available for purchase and rapid increase in collectability!

The next? From Wednesday 1 A Wednesday, April 8 and it will be delicious, with only 19 lots on the launching pad, and it made up only of watches Vintage with Rolex Explorer, Daytona paul newman, Date Just, Cellini, Milgauss E Submariner with the addition of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak!!

But even in Italy there are those who are equipped with the new logic. For example, Bolaffi Auctions can claim a good result of lots awarded last March 25 with the first auction Online New Year, even though the sale Online is not the core business the prestigious house, having thrown two in 2019 and stocks have focused on watches medium-low prices with a few exceptions.

So a market, this sale Online, That the new restrictions imposed by most Western governments to protect public health, not only did not see the decline of the business size, but which confirmed the awareness, if not increased, that investing on watches also as a safe haven, should all right !!

We at Jewellery Bonanno We had written to the iNizio 2020, Purchase a timepiece Vintage It is and remains an investment of great value, in economic terms and more. Moreover, the recent export data from Swiss precious artifacts, which they see growth in numbers just from January '20 in contrast to the steady fall of the market Hong Kong (Falling for the fourth consecutive month because of the well-known political tensions), confirm that the watch market continues to show figures concerned.